About Me



What exactly is a happy rambler you might be asking? Well, according to Dictionary.com, a “rambler” is a person, animal, or thing who rambles. A “ramble” is a walk without a definite route, taken merely for pleasure. Or you know… rambling on and on about stuff. 

I love being outdoors doing anything in the Colorado sun immensely. I also love to sit out and view the night sky late at night. I enjoy taking pictures on my phone, reading a variety of stuff, writing about everything, watching my favorite TV shows and people, putting together jigsaw puzzles, browsing around on the internet, etc. My very favorite hobby is cross stitching. Yes… actual needlework by hand with linen, floss and needle. I’ve been stitching for 16 years and find it relaxing.

I’m a constant proponent for pain relief of my chronic migraines through healthier eating and exercise. I write about all sorts of health related things that I’m quite sure others experience too. I like to use hatha yoga for stretching and meditation helps me calm my mind.

My current interests include learning to take better pictures and editing them, trying to cook healthier meals, scrounging the internet for the latest research on pain relief and sharing what I’ve learned in life from my own experience in my own words.

I’m glad that you are here! Enjoy!



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