The End of Summer 2017

Sunflower Fields withering away

Summer is officially over! Mine was spent outside as much as possible. You just can’t beat the Colorado weather!

I was able to catch a few fading Sunflowers from a local field around the end of August. They were trying to hang on to the sunbeams as long as possible, I think. Kind of like I was doing outside myself.

Most of the Sunflowers were already dried up

My husband and I went to the Taste of Colorado over Labor Day weekend and I, of course, had to get a funnel cake whether I needed it or not. YUMMY in my tummy!

While we were there, we caught a band of brothers called “AJR” performing. It was awesome to have an intimate, hour-long, free concert. They played their popular song called “Weak”, along with a few others I enjoyed.

Delicious Funnel Cake with powdered sugar and strawberries

Did you watch the “Great American Solar Eclipse” that was near 100% totality for the first time in Colorado from where you live? We hit 93% in Denver, while other parts reached 98% and through my solar glasses, I got the below picture.

But before Aug. 21, the last time a total solar eclipse was visible from the contiguous U.S. was in 1979. 38 years ago! At the time, only the Northwest U.S. was able to witness it though.

According to NASA, on April 8, 2024, a total solar eclipse will stretch diagonally across the U.S. from Texas through the Northeast U.S. That means no more Colorado viewing for a while! I’m very glad I was able to catch it here.

93% totality in Denver safely taken through a solar lens

My husband and I were also able to catch the last outdoor training practice of the Denver Broncos this Summer. It was our first time watching them practice in their helmets and pads running through their plays. We have never even been to a game so, this was a close as we were getting to the action.

After practice, I was able to get a few autographs from players who stuck around to sign autographs. Most notably Trevor Siemian #13, who is their quarterback. I also saw popular players, Jordan Taylor #87, Demaryius Thomas #88 and Von Miller #58 up close enough to touch them. Von gave the crowd a preview of all his quarterback sack dances. He even got his fellow defensive linemen dancing to a few of the songs on the loudspeakers. Cracked me up!

The outside of the Denver Broncos Indoor Training Facility

One of our most recent hikes was somewhat interesting. As my husband, stepson and I were hiking 5 miles checking out the Fall colors in Rocky Mountain National Park near Estes Park, we were suddenly surrounded by 6 or 7 Elks on the trail.

I had my husband and stepson checking out for the male, since it was rutting season after all, while we stopped in our tracks and remained quiet. Talk about awesome and scary at the same time!

Elk on the left

There was one that kept circling us just eating while we remained still. As soon as she moved further away from us, we backed away quietly. It was amazing.

A couple of them had large collars around their necks placed by Rangers, I’m sure.

Elk on the right

Oh yeah, here’s the reason we were in Rocky Mountain National Park in the first place. Most certainly not to have my heart pounding out of my chest because of giant Elk surrounding us! LOL!

Aspen trees on a mountain side with Evergreens

I think that’s it! Not much going on over my Summer, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. I will have a puzzle and cross stitch post update soon. I hope you enjoyed your Summer and made the most of the warm weather because, you know… Winter is coming.




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