Egyptian Cat Goddess family photo shoot.

Jack with a statue of Bastet and picture of Isis

Meet Jack. He’s our one year old male cat that we adopted from a shelter last year. We have another cat, Phoebe, and she is almost 6 years old. She was also adopted from the same shelter as a 2 month old kitten. But this is about Jack.

Jack is such a handsome cat with long legs and strong slender body. He is 10lbs solid and that tail is like a thick rope that smacks down hard when he is feeling frisky.

This cat is so lovable and wraps himself around our legs rubbing and purring as we walk. Or he’ll stand on his hind legs against ours to get our attention so we can play with him.

He loves to give great big hugs when you hold him over your shoulder. Such a sweetheart! His purr is as big as he is. His outstretched legs dangling over as he happily purrs.

Oh, and he thinks he is a descendant of Bastet, the Egyptian Goddess! After he gets a wet cloth bath, his jet black coat shines and it’s hard to disagree.

Playful with a well-used feather boa

Because he is a kitten, we had to ‘nerf’ him with soft tip claw covers temporarily. He chases a petite 7lb Phoebe around the house and those huge claws hurt her when he catches up. He is calming down now… and Phoebe has a chance of protecting herself.

I think Bastet would be proud to watch Jack’s modeling career shape up. He is certainly a good looking boy.

Or maybe she’d be anxious from things like when he dropped 3 stories unharmed. Scared me that’s for sure! I honestly think he spent one of his 9 lives in that fall.

Let’s hope the rambunctious Jack doesn’t have any other brilliant ideas like that and keeps his remaining 8 cat lives intact.



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