Six months later…

6 months ago, I made the conscious decision to stop all writing. I no longer wanted to share my thoughts and I took this as a failure at first.

“Why can’t I write anymore? I used to write all the time. What’s wrong with me?”, I asked myself. So, I said it was better this way.

“Take a break and hopefully when you come back you will have a better idea of what you want to write about.”

I had overwhelmed myself with how I thought my posts could be socially acceptable instead of carrying on with what I planned it to be in my head. I switched my thinking to how I thought the masses would actually take it in and found myself depressed that I couldn’t come up with just the right pieces.

That was not how I wanted to write. I realized that only after I stopped trying to write and focused on other things.

I totally wiped writing off my brain and focused on the game, Game of War: Fire Age, on my phone and tablet. It was a welcomed distraction.

Now, after this break, I feel like I can express myself a little better. I still take my time. I write simple sentences. Anything to get the juices flowing again. Nothing like a little life drama to get that going. Lol

Welcome back. I’m glad to see you again. 🙂


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