The Great Purge in My Life

Moving out and moving on.

My husband and I are finally all moved in to our new place. As we were packing up (see above picture) and cleaning out our old 3 bedroom townhouse that held 3 more teenagers, I couldn’t help but think about how much of the stuff upstairs were rarely used. So the donation runs to Arc bagan…run after run after run and it was a great feeling that others would hopefully use the stuff we no longer do. Especially all of the things our boys never used again.

One bedroom at a time we cleaned and usually stuff ended up in the dumpster or others at Arc later in day. Whatever was left, we sold. We made $650 in selling furniture we were unable to take with us to our new 1 bedroom apartment including my nice solid oak futon shown above. “So long! Farewell! Auf Wiedersehen! Goodbye!”

Now we’re in our new place having turned in the keys a week ago. One week we’ve been in our new place and as we unpack, we try to find a place for things. If we don’t, it goes in the donation pile… again. We LOVE our new apartment. The complex is only a few years old so, that’s a plus with energy efficiency unlike our old drafty townhouse made in the 60’s.

Phoebe and I love our new kitchen and laundry room!

When you purge from your old home you’ve live in for 6 years and then continuing purging more things at your new place, it keeps a certain calm. A certain Zen-like affect. You’re no longer in the hurry of moving out and making sure everything is completed. You’re done with that now. Don’t force your stuff on the walls or in your closets just for the sake of keeping things. Let it go. Materials don’t matter as much in the day to day of life nor the present moment. Just Let It Go. 🙂

If you have a roof over your head to protect you from the elements, you’re lucky. If you have someone to help build a foundation under that roof then you’re loved. Count your blessings. Be grateful for the small things even if there is less of it lying around your house. You’ll find that the Great Purging you’ve done in your home continues right into your mood of feeling lighter and free of the junk holding you down.

How will you do a “great purge” in your life? WIll you purge trash from your car for a calmer drive in to work or school? Will you purge all the unnecessary items cluttering your work desk for more clarity while you work? Will you do your household chores more efficiently and less often because, you have less to clean now? WIll you finally tackle that abyss of a basement and clean it out? All of these are simple and easy to do even with the family. Share pictures of your “great purge”. I’d love to share them in my next post.

Go forth and purge your life of clutter and stress, my friends!


One thought on “The Great Purge in My Life

  1. Hey! What a terrific post! Want to come here and declutter/purge for me? Hope you are enjoying your new place.

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