Stillness in the Middle of Emotional Chaos

black cat and buddha

In less than 2 weeks, my husband and I are moving. We’re only moving 12 miles away, yet it feels like we’re moving out of state. As you can imagine, our townhome is a disaster with boxes in every room. Even our cat is stressed out.

Last night I woke up in the early morning hours and came downstairs. I instantly noticed it was cooler than our bedroom. I also noticed it was quiet. Quiet and calm.

So, I picked a spot on our living room floor and sat down to meditate. Yeah, yeah. Ok, let me explain.

“Meditation” for me translates into sitting down on the floor, closing my eyes, purposely controlling my breaths and listening to or feeling the sounds of the room I’m in. My “sitting” consists of my bum on the floor and the bottom of my feet touching the floor. When I say “feeling” it’s because I sat on the floor and want to know the touch of the carpet: soft or rough, the hardwood floor: the coolness and the vibrations, etc. And no, I don’t usually sit Indian-style. Sometimes I even lean back and add the palms of my hands to the floor for another sensory channel.

I sat there and used my other senses, not my eyes. As I took it all in, I couldn’t help but notice that I had become still myself. I became so focused on listening and feeling something completely different from my stress that I actually forgot about it for a couple minutes. There really can be a stillness in your emotions above the messiness of a move. Suddenly, I felt lighter. Is everything that caused my stress still there? Yup, it was, but I feel better about how I responded to that stress.

The stress of making sure everything goes according to your plan wreaks havoc on your mental state. The worry just needs to go away because, the more you keep it inside of you, the more it all adds up and starts messing with your physical state as well.

I learned to let it go last night. Even for that precious couple minutes. Today is a different one and I know if I feel that stress again, I’ll stop and clear my head in a way that works for me. When it works for me.

Do you have a method of de-stressing yourself or calming the noise of life in your head? How do you create that stillness in your mind that let’s you release all worry? Even if it’s for just a few minutes.


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