First Cross Stitch Update of the Year

Over the holiday break, I’ve been trying to plug away on my new project, the September Sapphire Fairy by Mirabilia. Once I finally received my chart, specialty floss and beads, I grabbed my Zweigart off-white 32ct linen fabric and started figuring out where to actually start stitching.

Some seasoned stitchers start at the top of the chart and work their way down. Personally, I’ve always started right smack dab in the middle. I taught myself how to cross stitch so, I’m not sure if I’m doing it correctly or not. I’ve been stitching for 13 years now and still learn something new about the craft every so often. I say whatever works best for you is the best choice.

Here is my meager start on my Geisha on Christmas Eve last year. (Ha)

Geisha start 122413

Here is the update from January 5th, almost 2 weeks later.

Geisha progress 010514

And here is what it looks like as of yesterday.

as of 011014

I suppose you need to see what it is I’m actually working on so, here is the model picture of it finished. That might help, huh?

September Sapphire Fairy

I truly love this Geisha! I have personal attachment to this design because, I lived in Japan as a child. Now both of my teenage boys are taking Japanese classes at their high school. Both also have the opportunity to go to Japan with their class over their Spring Break. It truly is inspiring for me to work on this project just because of the ties it will have between my boys and I once finished. When I showed the pattern picture to them, they both agreed that I should stitch this.

Anyway, I’m making slow, but steady progress. I have the width of the dress done at least. I never realized how many confetti stitches there are in this big pattern!

Thanks for checking out my cross stitch update on my Geisha.


2 thoughts on “First Cross Stitch Update of the Year

  1. I’ve always started from the middle, too; my mom taught me that way, and it’s served me for 30 years now. All the measuring to get going from an edge just seems ripe for mistakes, especially because I allow a lot of extra cloth; so much easier for me to fold twice and there’s my starting point!

    1. I agree! I would rather have extra fabric around the entire piece for framing options than limit myself to what I counted from the edge as good. I would get it wrong every time! 🙂

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