Happy New Year!


Welcome! It’s officially 2014! Did you stay up until the stroke of midnight? We did… east coast time. Did I mention we live in the mountain time zone? Yup. 🙂

So, tell me. Have you made any new personal or professional goals or resolutions for 2014?

I did. I’ve decided to make small, achievable goals for myself in certain areas. One of which involves this blog.

These past couple months after starting this blog have made me realize that I have bigger plans for it. I want to include more pictures, recipes to share, books that I’ve read or movies I’ve seen and/or health and fitness type things. Not just writing about things in my life.

I asked myself what I’d like to get out of a personal blog. I like new and exciting information to ponder on and try out. I like the personality behind the posts as well.

My next question was… do I have that kind of information to share? Sure! Why not?

I have a few friends who have successful blogs and they vary greatly. From a Mommy type blog to a self-help and guidance blog to a blog that incorporates my favorite hobbies and health tips, these ladies are smart and have something for everyone. I love it! The creativity and possibilities are endless.

So, I’ve made one goal for my blog. Tell me one small achievable goal you have set for yourself this year. If you didn’t make any resolutions that’s fine too! All that matters is that you strive to become a better you this year.


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