12 days of Christmas Blogging: Day 6

On the sixth day of Christmas, my true love carried in…

… more Christmas decorations.

Yeah, poor guy went back out to the storage shed in the cold just to find this tree. I think having two small Christmas trees are nice. I put it in my boys’ room. 🙂

Below you’ll see my personal decorations on said second Christmas tree. It holds all of my cross stitch ornaments from the year I started in 2001 to present. I have stitching friends that have given me ornaments in exchanges over the years that they’ll probably recognize. We even exchange Christmas cards with each other around the world.

I took pictures from the left side, the front facing view and the right side.


I certainly look forward to adding more ornaments to my ornament Christmas tree in the future. I’m lucky to have such a sweet husband who will go out and get more decorations after I finished decorating 3 weeks ago.

Do you have a tree dedicated to a certain theme? When do you finish your decorating for the season?


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