Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you enjoyed your time with your family with much love, a lot of laughter and humble gratitude.

This Thanksgiving holiday, it was just me and my husband. This year, I was finally able to contribute something substantial to our meal too. You know…the part that’s a big deal. Dessert!

You see, my beloved had his menu of recipes that he’s used for years. He is vegan and has been for 19 years. I’m a vegetarian with gluten intolerance. Finding things we both like to eat can be a bit challenging, but suffice it to say, he’s the Head Chef in our house. 

I found a recipe online for a pumpkin pie that didn’t use tofu and was also gluten-free. Yay! It did however use a whole bunch of spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and ginger. Some vanilla, brown sugar and molasses. All mixed together with canned pumpkin, poured into a pastry crust then baked for an hour at 350 degrees. Our house smelled soooo good!

The picture above is how our pumpkin pie turned out. Dark and DELICIOUS!

Did you fill up on pumpkin pie after your Thanksgiving dinner?


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