30 days of NaBloPoMo: Day 4

Continuing on with the 30 posts in 30 days of National Blog Posting Month.

Today’s weather changed to the cool Fall temperatures that is typical for November in Colorado. Snow is in the forecast for tomorrow and all I can think about is food. Grrr…

Every time the temperature drops I think of the warm comfort foods that remind me of the season. I don’t know why.

A mug of steaming hot cocoa with no whip cream.

A bowl of warm oatmeal with some brown sugar melted in.

All of the various aromatic soups and stews my husband makes.

Yet, above all that, there’s my childhood favorite. It’s a Filipino dish called Champorado. Or in English: Chocolate rice porridge/pudding.


(Click on the picture to enlarge the sweetness.  You know you want to. ;-))

This dish alone brings back fond memories. My Lola (Grandmother in Tagalog) would always have a bowl ready for us when we got home. It was her thing. She always had Champorado waiting, especially if it was a cold day. (It doesn’t get Colorado cold in the Philippines.)

I sure do miss her. She passed away a few years ago at home in the Philippines. Champorado fondly reminds me of her.

Here’s the recipe I found online at Food.com. Just in case you would like to make some for yourself.

I, also, have a recipe book of various favorite Filipino dishes that my mother gave to me. This  small cookbook was originally distributed by Goodwill and is 37 years old! It is out of print obviously, but I sure do treasure it. It’s something that brings my  Mother’s culture of the Philippines to me here in the States. And food always brings a family together. 🙂

If you decide to make this chocolate lover’s dream porridge, let me know! It really is delicious!

Filipino Pride shirt

Here’s me showing off my Filipino pride t-shirt that says ” I ❤ PH” with the country’s flag colors.


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